Independence Day Sale

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* Free basic installation service will be provided for X series range hoods during the Independence Day promo.

If the customer does not have the service installed in his/her area or the customer chooses to install it themselves, it can be reduced by $100. Please enter discount Code: LE100 when you Checkout.

* New users after installation need go to our website Register to My Product to activate the warranty service of your product.

Conditions for free base Installation of Lekitchen range hood:

1. Please make sure the range hood size is 30 or 36 inches. If there is a cabinet above the range hood, please measure the length of the position reserved for the range hood between the cabinets. If do not have cabinet, shield of stainless steel cover needs to be purchased separately.

2. Please confirm whether there is a preset smoke exhaust pipe above the range hood. The machine exhaust is at the top, and the exhaust port is 6 inches in diameter. The exhaust pipe must not be smaller than 6 inches in diameter.  At the same time, the straighter of the pipeline is the bette effect is. Try not to turn too much bend or 90 degrees Angle bend, otherwise it will affect the smoking effect and produce noise and other problems.

3. Please confirm whether the wall above the range hood has power supply.


The free base installation services include:

Remove the existing lampblack machine, open the outlet of the cabinet bottom plate above the lampblack machine, fix the hanging plate, hang the lampblack machine, connect the smoke exhaust pipe with aluminum foil tape, and clean the installation site, etc.


The free base installation service does not include:

1. The user shall pay for the materials consumed in the installation process, such as smoke exhaust pipe, reducer connector, external wall exhaust hood, etc.


2. The free service radius is within 20 miles of each major city, and the additional distance charge is $1 per mile.


3. In case of reopening smoke exhaust hole in external wall, arranging smoke exhaust pipe, sealing ash plate pipe, patching paint, adding wall power supply and other complex installation situations, contact the construction party to confirm the quotation.