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乐厨油烟机用户\LeKITCHEN User


Cooperate with LeKitchen,  become LeKITCHEN's recommendation officer, to bring you extra income with our products.


LeKITCHEN is now launching a buyer show to promote and give back to our customers activities. If you post pictures or videos on social media   platforms + record your real use experience, you will get $10 cash rebate for each social media platform. The maximum of 5 social media platforms will be capped! At the same time, you can accumulate cash and exchange for LeKITCHEN products.


发布不得少于3个社交媒体平台\Post on at least 3 social media platforms: 


分享内容要求\Share content requirements: 


1,  图文类\The pictures


Post 3-5 photos of your Lekitchen range hood photos, and 5-10 sentences to record personal use experience.

2,视频类\The Video


Shoot a video of no less than 30 seconds, the video content should clearly show the product of LeKitchen range hood + 5-10 sentences to record personal use experience.


All content to be posted should be @LeKITHCEN official Social platform account, and at least 5 hashtags should be added from the following hashtags.

例如\For example: “#乐厨电器”,“#乐厨油烟机”,“#乐厨大吸力油烟机”,“#乐厨性价比最高的油烟机”,“#乐厨X系列油烟机”,“#北美华人首选油烟机”,“#适合北美华人的油烟机”,“#北美油烟机”,“#北美爆款侧吸油烟机”“#北美厨房装修”,“#北美厨房电器”,#厨房神器,#厨房好物,#开放式厨房,#爱上我的厨房,#家电好物,#家电分享,#好物分享,#电器分享,#厨电推荐,#家居美学,#晒晒我的家,#晒晒我的厨房,#北美厨电,#北美装修,#湾区装修,等话题。


The content shall be retained for no less than 15 days from the date of release, otherwise it will be deemed invalid.


Only customers who purchase products on the official Lekitchen website or designated dealers of Lekitchen can participate in this activity. Each order number can be entered only once.



Each valid order number is limited to one participation per month.


7,发布后请将内容的链接发送至乐厨微信客服:lekitchen_us 或者乐厨官方邮箱

After the release, please send the link to LeKITCHEN Customer WeChat: Lekitchen_us or Lekitchen official email:


8,最终解释权归LEKITCHEN INC乐厨电器所有\LEKITCHEN INC reserves the right of final interpretation.

非乐厨用户\Non-LeKITCHEN User


Apply to be the evaluation and experience officer of LeKitchen. After successful application, we will provide range hood for your evaluation.

如果你是烹饪爱好者,#美食博主,#家居生活分享者,#装修达人,#地产经纪,#潮爸辣妈,#探店网红, #省钱达人,#购物达人,#省钱攻略, 等。赶快加入乐厨的大家庭吧!.

If you are #cooking enthusiast, #food blogger, #home life sharer, #decoration expert, #real estate agent, #trendy dad&hot mom, #shop explorer, #Money Saver, #Shopper, etc. Join the big family of Le Kitchen!


Screened by LeKITCHEN Company according to the following conditions:


1. Whether the content, picture style and video quality of the applicant's social media account conform to lekitchen brand.


2. Number of followers of social media accounts.

活动说明\Activity Description: 

 * 本活动面向所有美国地区用户;

This event is open to all users in the United States;

 * 测评图文或视频须全部为作者原创,严禁抄袭;

All the evaluation pictures and videos must be original by the author, plagiarism is strictly prohibited;


* 测评产品需以实物拍摄,严禁使用商家图片。

Evaluation products should be photographed in real objects, and pictures of merchants are strictly prohibited.


* 测评文章或视频需全面、真实地评价产品。

The review article or video should evaluate the product thoroughly and truthfully.


* 测评产品不得以任何形式公开转卖;

The test products shall not be publicly resold in any form;


* 乐厨电器公司有权将测评文章以其他形式推广,包括但不限于小红书、Youtube、微信、论坛等平台(会以@作者名的形式注明出处);

LeKITCHEN INC has the right to promote the assessment article in other forms, including but not limited to 小红书, Youtube, 微信WeChat, forum and other platforms (the source will be indicated in the form of @ author name);


* 发布前需将文章或视频发送至乐厨电器公司审核,如有明显需要修改部分,需配合改进。

Please send the article or video to LeKITCHEN for review before publishing. If there are obvious parts that need to be modified, please make improvement.

* 请在测评开始前认真阅读产品使用及安装说明,如在测评中出现受伤或财产损失等情况与乐厨电器公司无关;

Please read product usage and installation instructions carefully before the evaluation. If any injury or property loss occurs during the evaluation, it has nothing to do with LeKITCHEN INC.

* 如有任何问题,欢迎随时联系乐厨客服邮箱\If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service email:


* 最终解释权归LEKITCHEN INCle厨电器所有\LEKITCHEN INC reserves the right of final interpretation.

​Let's Work Together

LeKITCHEN will not disclose your personally identifiable information to any parties

上传照片\Upload it

最终解释权归乐LEKITCHEN INC厨电器所有\LEKITCHEN INC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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