The LeKITCHEN SG01 Steam Grill Oven with Convection Feature offers a unique combination of the healthiest cooking 

methods, all-in-one versatile appliance: Steam, Grill and Convection. 

The steam cooking is excellent in maintaining food moisture while preserving taste and nutrients. Steam also helps release 

excess oil from the food ensuring a healthy meal. 

The Grill feature allows you to brown and crisp food perfectly and the Convection feature circulates the hot air for fast 

evenly cooked results. 

Other features include a Stainless steel inner cavity, Double Glass Door, Inner Light and 8 Cooking functions including: Pure 

Steam/High Temp Steam/ Defrost/Ferment/Disinfect/Upper Grill/Lower Grill/Full Grill/Convection. Stainless Steel Handle 

and Grey Cabinet/Stainless steel inner cabinet. 

Accessories include: 304 Stainless steel Grill Rack, 304 Stainless steel Bake Tray, 304 Stainless steel Steam Plate. 


LE-SG01 / 110V / 50Hz1500W / 23L

Size: 18”x15.7”x13.7” / Inside: 15”x11.6”x7.7” / Weight: 12.5Kg

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