Installation Conditions of Range Hood:

1. Make sure the range hood size is 30 or 36 inches. If there is a cabinet above the range hood, please measure the length of the position reserved for the range hood between the cabinets. If do not have cabinet, shield of stainless steel cover needs to be purchased separately. 

2. Please confirm whether there is a preset smoke exhaust pipe above the range hood. The machine exhaust is at the top, and the exhaust port is 6 inches in diameter. The exhaust pipe must not be smaller than 6 inches in diameter. Otherwise, it will affect the smoke extraction effect and produce noise and other problems.

3. Please confirm whether there is power supply on the wall above the range hood.

Installation Fee Standard of Range Hood:

1. Installation fee $150-$250 ( Limited to kitchen that already have exhaust pipes.) There is a price difference between different cities or regions. Accurate charges are subject to local installer quote. This fee includes the following services: removing the old range hood, and Install a new one. 

2. The materials consumed in the installation process should be paid by the customer, such as the exhaust pipe, diameter-changing adapter, outer wall outlet cover, etc.

3. The free service is within a 20-mile radius of each major city, with an additional charge of $1 per mile beyond.

4. Please contact the construction party to confirm the quotation for the complex installation such as patching the wall, patching the paint and adding the power supply.