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Policy of LeKITCHEN Products:

Declaration: All products purchased through authorized channels, such as authorized online platforms or local dealers, can enjoy the product warranty service, if not purchased through authorized channels can not enjoy the product warranty service. For information about our authorized online platform or local distribution, please call: 866-478-3693 or email to: or WeChat: lekitchen_us.

AX” Range Hood Series: 5 years free labor, 10 years free replacement parts, motor life warranty.

Other Range Hood Series: 1 year parts warranty service.

Cooktop Series: 1 years free labor, 2 years parts warranty service.


Non-Stick Pan Series: 1 year parts warranty service.


Steam Oven Series: 1 year parts warranty service.


Ultraviolet Disinfection Knife Holder: 1 year parts warranty service.

Electric Pressure Cooker: 1 year parts warranty service.


* Please provide the original receipt and serial number of the product if the product repair service, and send both to the customer service LeKITCHEN WeChat or customer service email. 

LeKITCHEN Range Hood Extended Warranty


1 Year Extended Warranty: $109

3 Years Extended Warranty: $209

​5 Years Extended Warranty: $309

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