Non-Stick Cookware

Product Details:

LeKITCHEN Honeycomb Non-stick wok make by 304 stainless steel material. It receives heat even, save energy and environmental protection. It use relief technology to support the food, to achieve the effect of non-stick. It is also easy to clean.

​Product Features:

  • 1. Use relief technology to lift the food to achieve non-stick effect.

  • 2. Inside and outside honeycomb pattern technology, scratch resistance.

  • 3. The mixture of three layers stainless steel, heated evenly, quick heat, the temperature below 260 degrees, save 30% energy compared with other Wok.

  • 4. Easy to clean and free from rust. Works on all induction, gas, ceramic and electric cooktops.

Non-Stick Wok
Non-Stick Wok

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