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*产品特点/Product Features: 



Wall Mounted or Under Cabinet Range Hood 

可供选择/Available:30⼨/⿊⾊ | 30”/ Black Color Only

北美首创上下双进风口 上拢下拉 吸净油烟

North America's first up-down double suction tuyere


3 Speed Wave Sense Shift & Touch Control

全美首创电热⾃动清洗功能/Electric Heat Auto Clean


Industry Leader Auto Smoke Baffle Plate

3⽡功率超亮LED | 2 LED Lights 3 Watts

1分钟⾃动延迟关机 | 1 Minute Delay Automatic Shut-Off

升级双电机涡轮马达 | Upgrades Twin-Turbine Motor

⾼达Up to: 1100CFM

噪音Noise: 59db

管道\Pipe: 6 inches

ETL认证 Certification

最大静压力(Pa): 550 | Max Static Pressure(Pa): 550

气味净化率: 99% | Smell Purification Rate: 99%

滤油率:98% | Oil Filtration Rate: 98%

V/Hz/W: 120V/60Hz/385W

​产品净重量 | Net Weight:56磅/lb

产品尺⼨/ Size: 29.5” W / 20”D / 12”H



#Recommended installation height: 36 "to 27".


* 新用户安装完成后需到乐厨官网Register My Product登记并激活保修服务。

* New users after installation need go to our website Register to My Product to activate the warranty service of your product.


* 新乐厨用户现金回赠计划,推荐越多,现金回赠越多!点击了解详情。

* New LeKitchen Users cash rebate plan, the more recommended, the more cash rebate! Click here for details.



*Installation Requirements and Precautions. Please click here to read the details.



*How to clean X series range hood please click here.



*Installation is not included in this product.



*We can provide recommended third-party installation services for a fee. Please click here for details of installation charges.



Note: As the recommended installation party, LeKITCHEN Company will not be liable for any non-product quality problems caused by any third-party installation personnel during or before or after the installation.


价格匹配\Price Matching: 

我们可进行价格匹配在购买时间的14天内\We can do price matching within 14 days of purchase time.

X800 MAX

$1,399.00 Regular Price
$1,099.00Sale Price
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